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Remote Desktop Access using Remote Frame Buffer in Mobile Cloud Environment

FathimuthuShaniy FathimuthuShaniy, Shakkeera Shakkeera


The development of new data services supported by new telecommunication networks, allowed the conception of a variety of software applications over mobile communications that usually only made sense in personal computers with Internet access. Knowing this, the purpose of this work was to develop an application that allows the remote control of a desktop computer using a mobile device. Although a mobile phone is not the friendliest interface to remote control a desktop computer, it can however, become an important tool in several situations. Considering all the limitations imposed by the mobile devices and by the data network that supports them, several tests were made to determine the viability of the project and some work was done to solve the problems related with the APIs used in this project. Also, through the development of several navigation and scaling modes, special attention was given in order to make the application work with as many different types of mobile devices as possible, both in terms of memory and processing capabilities. Original features, like the possibility of sound transfer from the remote computer to the mobile device, giving the user a closest idea of really being sited in front of the computer, and the definition of user profiles, making the access to a specific application much easier by the mobile device, were introduced in this work.


Mobile Cloud, RFB Protocol, VNC Server, PAAS

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