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A Unique Token based Approach for Secure Cloud Computing

M.V. Raghavendra Reddy, H. Srinivasa Murthy


The proposed system highlights a model for large-scale Smartphone based sensor networks, with sensor information processed by clouds and grids, with a mediation layer for processing, filtering and other mashups done via a brokering network. Final aggregate results are assumed to be sent to users through traditional cloud interfaces such as browsers. We conjecture that such a network configuration will have significant sensing applications, and perform some preliminary work in both defining the system, and considering threats to the system as a whole from different perspectives. We then discuss our current, initial approaches to solving three portions of the overall security architecture: i) Risk Analysis relating to the possession and environment of the Smartphone sensors, ii) New malware threats and defenses installed on the sensor network proper, and iii) An analysis of covert channels being used to circumvent encryption in the user/cloud interface.


Andriod, Brokered Network, Cloud Computing, Cloud Security Management.

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