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Multimedia Conferencing and Data Collaboration Using Java Media Framework

Radhika Pai, Nutan Kamat, Sonali Naik, Soniya Chari, Rachel Dhanaraj


In today’s era, communication across the world is very important to bring people, their culture, thoughts and ideas closer. Multimedia Conferencing is becoming increasingly popular as a way to facilitate meetings, and save time and money on travel and accommodation. It can make meetings easier to arrange, overcoming some of the difficulties of getting people from different places together at same time. In this paper we aim to achieve text, audio and video conferencing using Java Media Framework (JMF).Through text conferencing our system provides Data Collaboration across the network i.e. a means of sharing data interactively among several users at different locations. This system creates an environment in which many sorts of meetings can take place, including telephone conversations, discussions among colleagues, and lectures [7].JMF is a versatile Application Programming Interface (API) that allows us to process media in many ways. Also it uses Real Time Transport Protocol (RTP) for transmission which is of Internet Standard. It enables capturing, streaming, transcoding multiple media formats. This paper tends to overcome difficulties faced in the earlier systems which were platform dependent and enhances conferencing by making it portable and platform independent.


Data Collaboration, Java Media Framework, Multimedia Conferencing, Real Time Transport Protocol, Streaming, Transcoding.

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Radhika Pai, Nutan Kamat, Sonali Naik, Soniya Chari, Rachel Dhanaraj, “Multimedia Conferencing using Java Media Framework” ISBN 978-1-4675-2248-9 © 2012 Published by Coimbatore Institute of Information Technology.

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