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Analysis of Vertical Handover Based on RSS and QOS Parameter

Yamini Saini, Dr. Suresh Kumar, Deepak Sharma


Wireless technologies grow rapidly, as the heterogeneous network is integrated in fourth generation. The fourth generation needs seamless handoff between different network wireless communications. All users in the whole world would like to be connected without any wired connection anytime anywhere throughout the best network. Vertical handover has various parameters such as: Available Bandwidth, RSS, QOS, Power consumption, Security, Monetary Cost, User preference etc. on which handover decisions depends. Vertical handoff is done at different access technology when mobile switch from one network to another e.g. VHO is the handover between cellular networks and WLAN. The algorithms are necessary to design so that user get the required Received Signal Strength (RSS) & Quality of Service (QoS). Vertical handover decision depend upon velocity of the mobile node and provide seamless communication better performance when move from one network to another. In this paper, we introduce algorithm on RSS& QOS based vertical handoff are discussed. The algorithm we use is adaptive lifetime based vertical handoff. The algorithm combines RSS and estimated lifetime ( estimated lifetime is the expected time after which the Mobile Terminal will  capable to assert its connection with WLAN) to determine the vertical handover an  algorithm is a traveling distance prediction method that works for wireless LAN and cellular network and vice versa[1].The simulation performed on MATLAB2007b software.


Handover, Vertical Handover (VHO), RSS and QOS, VHO Algorithm and Result.

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