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A Collective Processing Environment for Mobile Devices Using Grid

G. Pary, S. Sridhar


Grid computing has emerged as a suitable technology for computationally intensive applications such as tele-health, weather forecasting, online-gaming, large-scale signal processing, scientific research etc. Grid computing enables geographically distributed heterogeneous computers to share applications, data and computational resources. Due to the rapid growth of wireless technologies, the usage of mobile devices as well as their performance has increased tremendously. Applications with the wired grid technologies are not suitable for mobile grid due to their limited bandwidth, short battery life and slower processor and also the mobility of users, devices and services. So in this project propose an environment to utilize the collective idle resources of a great number of mobile devices efficiently in a mobile grid environment. The research on mobile grid is still in its infancy. Here this project proposes a framework that allows mobile devices to collectively work on computationally expensive problems. It also helps the mobile devices with limited resources to solve problems in an efficient way, that they would not able to solve individually. This framework is based on the paradigm of grid computing applied to the domain of wireless mobile devices.


Collective processing, Grid Architecture, mobile devices, Migrating Desktop Infrastructure Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA),

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