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Vertical Scalability Issues and Challenges in Cloud Computing: An Overview

M. Bala Vaishnavi, A. Stanislas, L. Arockiam


Cloud computing is a new era in the internet. All types of services are provided by the cloud computing. Cloud is designed so as to provide software, application and infrastructure as a service. There are some issues in performance while providing these services. Among classified, scalability is one of the major concerns that needs more attention for better performance of the cloud computing. Scalability is differentiated as horizontal and vertical. In this survey paper, vertical scalability is analyzed with the various scenarios and the concepts of vertical scalability are discussed. The possibilities to implement the vertical scalability are analyzed. The benefits of implementing scalability in various levels and the issues related to the implementation of vertical scalability in cloud systems are also discussed. Finally, the strength and the weaknesses of vertical scalability are analyzed and results are given in table.


Horizontal Scalability, Services, Vertical Scalability

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