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Secure Auditing Method for Cloud Computing

S. Srinivasan, K. Raja


Cloud computing provides vibrant enormous resources provisioned as computing service by means of on-demand services over the Internet. Current information technology increased their paces in emerging cloud computing systems and services. Though, despite the credible gains achieved from cloud computing, the security and privacy issues present a strong obstacle for users to acclimatize into cloud computing environment. However sharing of resources, cloud storage and its services are vulnerable to attacks, threats or failure it would bring irreparable losses to the users. This paper introduces an in-depth examination of vibrant audit control methods in cloud computing environment. It assesses the problem of security and privacy from the cloud architecture perspective, cloud delivery model and cloud deployment model viewpoint. The paper examined relatively a few of the key research confront of performing cloud-aware audit control mechanism and compliance exposition in terms of user management, service level agreement, access management, authentication management, authorization management, auditing and reporting services which can reasonably protected the dynamic cloud model. Based on this investigation it present a consequential widespread specification of cloud security and privacy crisis and major features that must be covered by proposed audit control method solution for the secure and exciting cloud computing.


Cloud Computing; Security; Privacy; Vulnerabilities;

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