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Analysis and Impacts on Dynamic Load Balancing Techniques in Networks

N Baskar, A D. Bharath


In today’s life we are belongs to internet and its websites. It means websites are unique role in every department and which its help to gather information such as e-learning and many more. As the reason of many users the network traffic raised with short duration of time. As per reason traffic has to distribute equally. So we need valuable performance and better accessibility it wants more severs. On the role of load balancing concepts are help to develop high throughput and its algorithm help to control overloaded. By the learning of load balancing and its stages, which we are decided the concept of dynamic algorithm was consider better accessibility. Study of load balancing algorithm and its limitation we discover the dynamic technique was good accessibility but that is not in static technique. So on the whole dynamic load balancing gives better availability towards users. Here one valuable solution discover by using dynamic concepts and its algorithms.


Dynamic Load Balancing, Load Balancing, Static Load Balancing.

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