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Lingering Bandwidth Estimation to Optimize the Resource Utilization for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

S. Suganya, Dr. S. Palaniammal


In wireless networks, to provide quality of service by means of resource allocation the protocols need to be evaluate a lingering bandwidth estimation for further allocationHowever, there is no standardized mechanism or method has been proposed to accurately evaluate the amount of available resources on a given channel. Such an evaluation would, lead to optimize bandwidth utilization for applications of mobile adhoc networks like multimedia dataflow. We proposes a new techniques to estimate a bandwidth of a node in IEEE 802. 11 based mobile adhoc networks. We show by simulations that our technique provides we show by simulations that our technique provides an accurate estimation of the lingering bandwidth on wireless links in many ad hoc configurations and an efficient delivery ratio & reduce delay time in the environment.


Ad hoc networks, Available bandwidth estimation, IEEE 802. 11, Quality of service.

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