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Performance of Mobile Grid on Mobility

T. Sudalai Muthu, K. Raveendra, Srilatha Srilatha, G. Vasanth, Suresh Reddy, A.G. Nagesha


The complexity of cellular radio networks yields new demands concerning network security. Particularly the task of detecting, repulsing and preventing abuse both by in- and outsiders becomes more and more difficult. Wireless mobile grids are one of the emerging grid types, which help to pool the resources of several willing and cooperative mobile devices to resolve a computationally intensive task. The mobile grids exhibit stronger challenges like mobility management of devices, providing transparent access to grid resources, task management and handling of limited resources so that resources are shared efficiently. The execution of the task on these devices should not be affected by their mobility. The proposed work presents performance evaluation of wireless mobile grid using normal walk mobility model. The normal walk model represents daily motion of users and the direction of motion is mostly symmetric in a real life environment; thus it is effective in location updating of a mobile station and in turn helps task distribution among these available mobile stations. Some of the performance parameters such as Task Execution Time, task failure rate, communication overhead on Brokering Server and Monitoring Cost are discussed


Mobile Grids, Normal Walk Mobility Model, Mobility Management, Collaborative Problem Solving, Task Management.

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