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Reduction of Congestion in Optical Networks

Sonal Punia, Suresh Kumar


Routing in networks is a challenging issue. In this paper, we assume routing in an All to All communication mode in an N × N grid optical network. Horizontal-Vertical routing has been employed. This type of routing uses the center node to route packets from source to destination, so the load on the center node increases and packet loss starts. To route the packets from same source to destination, alternate paths are followed (without center). In other words load balancing is done to reduce or eliminate the load at over utilized central node and increase the load at under utilized corner or other intermediate nodes. In this paper, through simulation results it has been shown how load balancing reduces the congestion and packet drop rate, which is highly desirable in any kind of network


Center Node, Congestion, Grid Optical Network, Load Balancing, Over Utilization.

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