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Performance Analysis of Load Balancing Algorithms using Qualitative Parameters: A Review

K. Ramana, A. Rama Mohana Reddy, M. Subba Rao, K. Suresh, S. Fahimuddin


Load balancing algorithm tries to balance the total system load by transparently transferring the workload from heavily loaded nodes to lightly loaded nodes, to ensure good overall performance. In this paper the performance analysis of various load balancing algorithms based on different qualitative parameters, considering static and dynamic load balancing approaches are considered. The analysis indicates that these both types of algorithms can have advancements as well as weaknesses over each other. Decision of type of algorithm to be implemented will be based on type of parallel and distributed applications to solve. The main purpose of this paper is to help in design of new algorithms in future by exhaustive study of behavior and characteristics of various existing algorithms.


Load Balancing, Static Load Balancing, Dynamic Load Balancing, Workload

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