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Solution of Packet Loss Due to Low Energy Nodes in WSN

Ritu Chauhan, Bhateri Bhateri, Manju Barar


While working in Wireless Network, One of the common problems faced is the congestion. As we know that the data transmission in such networks depends on energy of each node. Over the time as the data transmission is performed through a node, the energy of that node decreases and the node start dropping the data packets. In this paper we are working on the same problem. We are comparing the nodes respective to some threshold value. If a node will loss more data packets than this threshold value the node will be represented as a block node and the data will be transferred from some other compromising node. The solution is defined in terms of two stages. In first stage we have to find the node that is responsible for packet loss over the network. Another stage is the development of algorithm or approach that will eliminate the node dynamically and get the reliable data transmission over the network. We are defining the complete work on a dynamic network that is topological independent. The proposed work is basically to reduce the packet loss in such network. Result shows that packets loss is less in proposed system as compared to existing system.


WSN, Congestion Aware Routing, Low Energy Node, Ad Hoc Network.

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