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Contemporary Vulnerability Evaluation of Web Servers

N. Prasanna Balaji, U. Srinivasulu, V. Pavan Kumar


In this era of modern business web world, the use of web applications is increased beyond common comprehension. Every field throughout the world depends on it, but concurrently faces the risk of being copied. Many ways came to light to conquer the security problems even then new attacks see light every day. This is definitely a non-stop cycle, so keeping pace with identifying possible vulnerabilities is the only way out to handle the web applications attack-free. Here Pen testing plays a crucial role to keep pace with spotting possible potential threats. My paper asserts the importance of this Pen testing, vulnerabilities originated in recent times and their solutions. Web servers and web applications play a pivotal role in global market today. Its spread is limitless, with this limitless spread, also developed the problems of security proportionately. So time to time, security alerts became the need of the hour. Now my paper focuses on these possible contemporary vulnerabilities, their explorations, and fitting solutions. This definitely will contribute to expect even very sensitive and unknown vulnerabilities and thereby give way to fix them thoroughly. This is surely the demand of the hour.


Attack, Exploit, Mitigation, Vulnerability

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