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Performance Analysis for Electronic Payment Systems

Dr.K. Ravikumar, A. Udhayakumar, A. Anitha


In this paper, thus the research analysis, design and implementation phase has been described for our research. It is proposed framework architecture for the Secure Multiparty Electronic Payments in mobile computing in order to support self-protection in AmI scenarios. The architecture of our framework is device-and platform independent and focuses on the use of auctions protocols for electronic payments policies. The top priority was the security of the auctions. All secret information that is exchanged between the auctions host and the peers is encrypted and protected against illegitimate modifications. it will extend the modularity of the proposed framework in order to allow individual utility functions and a replaceable module for determining the winning policy. Further, the integration of our framework into the refinement process of semantic high-level policies is in progress.


Multi-party Security, Mobile Computing, Cryptography, Negotiation

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