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Helping: Homeless Refugee and Protection of Women through Mobile Application

N. Ajith Kumar, R. Anitha


This paper discusses about which will help the refugees and homeless people to get their needs (foods, shelter, and clothes) at the time of disaster. This shows the sources available in their present location. This also helps the women protection in other areas. And refugee health is diagnosed. There are many disasters during these days not only natural disasters takes place disasters are also caused by humans such as war and many other things. During the war many civilians are affected and they cannot afford any things that are needed for survival at that time this would help them to get their needs such as housing, clothing, food and other things. This will provide the survival for the people at the difficult situations. The users can prevent the health problems. Other peoples can stay away from getting infected by the disease. They are diagnosed through online in which the health provider provides the prescription for the disease and the victim can be taken to the nearest health care centers. The nearest health care center is shown. 


Humanitarian, Refugees, Disaster, Housing, Women Protection, Health, Food, Clothing, HMIS.

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