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Cloud Network for Computer Aided Diabetic Control System

Dejene Boru, Albert Y. Zomaya


Diabetes electronic sensors are primarily used to collect diagnostic indicators to calibrate the time of disease or current statistics. Mainly the sensor square is divided into "internal sensor" and "external sensor". The square root of the internal sensor is deeply rooted in the organic structure and behaves like a monolithic element. They are very expensive and do not require maintenance. External sensors are inexpensive, low maintenance, and can be removed from the body at any time. The external sensor's squares are very subtle and can convey knowledge through smart devices. In this era, the human laptop interface has become another common problem. Advances and advances in nanotechnology have reduced the device's physical indicators, and will fall into thinner layers in this way. In this article, the design, primarily based on the integration of mobile computing and cloud computing, is aimed at helping diabetics maintain health screenings and accept physician recommendations. The technical advantages and design contribute to a concise structural description.


Human Laptop Interface, Sensors, DAC/ADC Converter, Cloud Server, Wireless

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