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A Review on Application Perspective of IoT and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)

K. Ashton, S. Sadik


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technologies enabled by Universal sensing and its cuts transversely many areas of modern day living. By the ability to measure, deduce and recognize environmental indicators, from delicate ecologies and reserves to urban environments. The creation of these devices to communicate a network forms of Internet of Things (IoT), in which sensors and actuators blend impeccably with the environment around us, and the information is shared and develop a Communal Operating Picture (COP).  By the recent version of a variety of enabling wireless technologies such as RFID tags and entrenched sensor and actuator nodes, the IoT has trodden out of its beginnings and the next radical expertise in transmuting the Internet into a fully cohesive near Internet. As we move from www (static pages web) to web2 (societal networking web) to web3 (universal computing web), the need for data-on-demand using cultured natural queries increases a lot. The key technologies and application domains that are likely to drive IoT research in the future are discussed.


Internet of Things, Ubiquitous Sensing, Wireless Sensor Networks.

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