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An Optimal Service Pricing for a Cloud Resource Management Techniques in Economic Grid Environments

A. Vijaya, P. Selvi


Cloud computing, the new trend for service infrastructures requires user multi-tenancy as well as minimal capital expenditure. In a cloud that services large amounts of data that are massively collected and queried, such as scientific data, users typically pay for query services. The cloud supports caching of data in order to provide quality query services. User payments cover query execution costs and maintenance of cloud infrastructure, and incur cloud profit. The challenge resides in providing efficient and resource-economic query services while maintaining a profitable cloud. In this work we propose an economic model for self-tuned cloud caching targeting the service of scientific data. The proposed economy is adapted to policies that encourage high-quality individual and overall query services but also brace the profit of the cloud. We propose a cost model that takes into account all possible query and infrastructure expenditure. The experimental study proves that the proposed solution is viable for a variety of workloads and data.


Go Grid, Optimal Pricing, Optimization, Query Execution

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