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Impact of Fiber Raman Amplifier (FRA) in DCF based High Speed WDM System

Vishal Sharma, Sunil Kumar Gautam


A presentation appraisal of dispersion compensating fiber (DCF) based 40Gbps WDM system incorporating FRA is carried out in view of two different cases. In case A, a simulative analysis of high speed WDM system is demonstrated with Raman amplification (Type II) incorporating pumped DSF (act as FRA) fiber and compared its performance with the WDM system not using Raman amplification (Type I). In case B, different DCF compensation techniques such as pre-compensation (Type III) and post-compensation technique (Type IV) are studied incorporating pumped DSF (act as FRA) fiber to weigh up the performance of WDM system. The performance metrics for instance Q factor, eye diagrams, eye opening and eye closure penalty are considered by simulating different WDM systems


Dispersion Compensating Fiber (DCF), Dispersion Shifted Fiber (DSF), and Fiber Raman Amplifier (FRA)

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