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A Novel Method to Improve the Side Channel Cube Attack on Light-Weight Block Ciphers

Shahram Jamali, Erfan Aghaee Kiasaraee, Majid Rahimi, Hamed Yusefi


Side Channel Cube Attack (SCCA) is a kind of Algebraic Side Channel Attacks (ASCA). In recent years, this kind of attack is implemented on different light weight block ciphers, and it is known as the most powerful attack on these kinds of algorithms. In this paper, we investigate the SCCA on a light-weight block cipher, namely, PRESENT. In addition, we propose novel methods to reduce the data complexity of the SCCA on light-weight block ciphers. Compared to the previous SCCAs, Our proposed SCCA can recover 80 key bits of PRESENT-80 only with 26.13 chosen plaintexts. To the best of our knowledge, this is the most efficient SCCA on PERESENT-80.


Cube Attack, Light-Weight Block Cipher, Side Channel Cube Attack

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