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Driver to Driver and Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Protocols in VANETs

Adil Mudasir, Irshad Abbasi, Mostafa Bassiouni


Driver behavior, mobility constraints and high speeds are unique characteristics of VANET as compared to MANET. These characteristics have important implications and present unique research challenges in the design of networks for vehicular communication. The high mobility and speed of vehicles causes frequent network topology changes. However, vehicles move only on predetermined roads, and do not have the problem of resources limitation in terms of data storage and power. Further, it is possible for a vehicle to obtain its geographic position by using Global Positioning System (GPS). In general, VANET protocol design has to address the issue of fast topology changes, as well as the different kinds of applications for which the message transmission have to be established.


Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET), Wireless Communication between Drivers.

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