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Ant Net Based Efficient Load Balance using ASA Routing Metric

K. Jeya Sudha, M. Santhiya


Mobile Wireless Mesh Networks (MWMNs) not only can provide high-bandwidth services for a large number of users, but also offers a good solution to the last-mile problems. However, the abundant net flow resulted from the great number of users may lead to the network traffic jam. To solve this problem, we proposed an adaptive situation-aware load balance routing Scheme that suit for MWMNs. In order to maintain the optimal path during the transmissions, we also propose a routing metric for judging the situation of routing paths. The simulation results proved that our proposed ASA scheme with routing metric not only achieves the load balance but also improves the total throughput and end-to-end delay.


Wireless Mesh Networks; Routing Metric; Load Balance; ASA Scheme

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