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A Conversational User Interface (CUI) ChatBot Using Microsoft Bot Framework

Dr. A. V. Ramani, A. Vignesh


Over the past few years, messaging applications have become more popular than social networking sites. Instead of using a specific application or website to access some service, Catboats are created on messaging platforms to allow users to interact with the company’s products and also give assistance as needed. Text communication nowadays takes a huge part in people’s lives. Almost all age groups for personal, family and social communication as well as for business purposes use text messaging. Many companies use text messaging for communication between employees.In this paper, we used the Bot Framework which is an open-source and free platform from Microsoft [1] that provides tools for building catboats. We have used this framework to develop a Chabot application that will interact with the user using text.


Chabot, Bot Framework, Messaging, Text Communication.

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