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A Study on the Basics of IoT and its Essential Needs to Develop Real World Applications

G. Vanitha, S. Hemalatha, T. Thilagaraj


The evolution of wireless technology, the Internet gives the concept of wherever and whenever we can connect the devices.  The Internet of Things gives the gold key to the people do anything with the use of the internet-enabled device to automate things like light, refrigerator, camera, car, and air conditioner. In recent times IoT is a buzzword and it is used in many areas like automation devices, monitoring, and health care. Here, how the IoT has worked, what are the technologies needed for IoT are discussed. Some of the IoT applications that are used in real life are also discussed in this paper. In the future, each and everything will be an IoT device. It facilitates the direct integration of the real-world into the computer system for improving the efficiency, cost benefits and decreases the human effort.


Wireless Technology, Internet of Things, Automation and Monitoring.

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