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Current Research Technologies and Challenges on IoT Networking

V. Azhaharasan, Dr. S. Janarthanam, Dr. P. Prabhusundhar


The Mobile devices change the daily life of human in the world. A decade after the introduction of this technology, they enable users to obtain information even in a nomadic environment and provide information without limitations. With the introduction of the web of Things (IoT), our communication ability won't be restricted to solely mobile devices. Rather, it'll expand to all or any things with that we have a tendency to exist. Many studies have discussed IoT-related services and platforms. In this paper, we'll totally analyze the technical details concerning the IoT network. Based on our survey of papers, we are going to give insight concerning the longer term IoT network and therefore the crucial elements that may change it.


Future Network, IoT Network, Next Generation Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks.

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