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Evaluating Functional Dynamic Regression Test Selection Technique for Agile Test

Nagaraju Bavirisetti, Dr. Ujjwal Kumar Behera, Sravanthi Sreepathi, Dr.D. Rama Sita


Regression testing is very important and necessary testing phase throughout the life cycle of agile model system development life cycle. Regression Test case prioritization techniques improve the cost effectiveness of regression testing by ordering test cases such that, more important test cases are run earlier in the regression testing process. Regression test selection techniques reuse test cases from an existing test suite to test a modified program (or) to ensure newly incorporated changes have not introduced any new defects to the existing software system. Most regression testing techniques are based on code or software design. This paper outlines the issues relevant to regression test selection techniques in agile test and uses these issues as the basis for evaluating new functional dynamic regression test selection technique.


Software Testing, Agile Model, Agile Test, Regression Testing, Test Cases

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