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Greening the Supply Chain: A Necessity for Future

S. Venkatesh, C. Madhan Kumar, K.K. Arun


The purpose of this paper was to describe the impact of green to the supply chain management. It involves adopting an environmentally-conscious mindset in conducting company level (strategic, tactical and operational) processes and is closely related to the broader concept of sustainability. The study advanced the proposition that organizational capabilities matter significantly in the adoption of GSCM practices and reveals importance background information pertaining the new posture on the relationship among supply chain management, social responsibility and environmental consciousness. Using this approach, ecological impacts of every little decision in various product stages such as product conceptualization, design, raw materials processing, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, packaging, transportation, reusing, and refurbishing is measured and considered in designing the product and the required operations. Green supply chain management (GSCM) has emerged as a key approach for enterprises seeking to become environmentally sustainable. The notion of Green Supply Chain Management implies the insertion of environmental decisions within the traditional concept of Supply Chain Management. Here the case studies that was analysed, aims at reducing the consumption of paper at Educational Institutions and create a environmental consciousness in the minds of students and the management, thereby creating a paperless environment. As India is vast nation with many industries, implementing Green supply chain even at a small scale contributes drastically to the environment.


Environmentally Sustainable, Green Supply Chain Management, Social Responsibility

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