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A Study on Advanced Excel in Industry 4.0

S. Vinitha, V. Pavatharani, T. S. Anushya Devi


Nowadays, many jobs require Advanced Excel skills. The Advanced Excel users know how to structure, gather and Present the data. So that it looks Impressive. When we understand Excel at more advanced Level, we will have the ability to use its more sophisticated tools, which allows us to complete our tasks and to analyses the data more quickly. Processing Microsoft Excel skills has become one of the most strengthen one in our life. It was solely used for business purposes. But with the advancement of time, it has become so widespread that we use MS Excel almost every aspect of life, whether Educational, official, business or even for personal purposes. In Excel we can do the following things like Data filter, Data sorting, Pivot table, SUMIF,COUNTIF, Excel shortcut keys, Charts, Cell formatting, Managing page layout, Data validation, look up, Pivot charts, fill, Quick analysis, Power view, Conditional formatting, Moving columns into rows, IF Formulas, Auditing formulas.

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