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Augmenting Institutional Management Portal for Cross Platform Computing Using Apache Cordovo (Phonegap) & PHP

S. Dineshwaran, K. Karthik Raj, T. Mohan Raj, P. Yuvaraj


Nowadays the mobiles phones are play a major role of human life because multiple task done by single there is a tremendous increase in users with an iPhone, Android-based phone, and Smartphone and tablet computers. Mobile platforms have included applications that use web services from popular websites. In Institutions of higher education, the use of mobile phone is more than computers. With mobile devices, we can have “Information at our finger tips anywhere at any time”, so that users can have a better experience to access information and enjoy many applications. There is a chance to transplant academic affairs and information from computer to mobile phones to improve service quality and management efficiency. The applications created by Phone Gap mobile development framework are cross-platform which helps avoid developing same type of application separately. This paper aims at sharing information between students, staff members, departments and college administration. The application will help students to check their latest news &events, view personal details, check for their fee and exam date announcements etc. The students will pay there fee using this application and also, provide more value-added services which are easy to use directly from mobile phones. This paper aims to develop a Cross-Platform Mobile Application for education institutions.


Cross-Platform, Information System, Mobile Application, PhoneGap.

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