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Deriving Optimal Operational Strategies through Process Data Analysis on Utility Boiler

Dr. S. Saraswathi, G. Hema Priya, P. Lakshmi Priya


The thermal power need is increased due to vast industrialization and urbanization across the globe. Though the fuel sources and types are more, the cheapest and popular fuel is coal due to its vast availability. The utility boiler is a closed vessel like device used to process the coal to produce steam by supplying proper proportion of heat energy to water. A multidisciplinary effort of applying computing concept was carried out to define and analyse the operational aspects that reside in the complex boiler elements. The impacts of each operational parameter affecting the boiler performance were determined and their values are estimated for the user defined load. This aspect supports to derive the major inferences and control strategies to maintain stable steam generation process. The proposed effort reduces the complexities emerged due to the significant growth of global electric demand.


Thermal, Boiler, Energy, Clustering

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