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Improving Architecture Level Performance of Web Application Based on Middleware Technology

K. Mani, G. Ilanchezhiapandian


A web application is a software system that contains the computing and networking technologies required for use through web browsers on the Internet Web application. The fundamental feature of web applications is that its behavior is specified by the interaction between the environment and the system. One of the major platforms to build web applications is J2EE based on the MVC model such as Struts Framework. Struts framework based on MVC has brought the best code reuse and the legible code structure in entire system by far, but it has some problems such as complicated program, high coupling among layers and hard maintenance because its model part adopts JDBC to connect databases directly. In this paper we propose middleware technology such as Struts2 based on MVC2, Spring and Hibernate Frameworks which is the kernel and key to the simplify the software development, improve the software performance and quickly construct the Web Application of the good expansibility, maintainability. This Framework is analyzed on designing E-Commerce System.


Middleware, MVC2, Struts2, Spring , Hibernate

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