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A Survey on Security Challenges in Cloud Computing

V. Maria Antoniate, Dr. K. David, I. Merlin Jenifer


Cloud computing is the today latest technology in the IT world.  It is the interesting technology which provides the services and resources through the internet. These services are easy to access with pay per use. The services are maintained from the data centers where the data is stored the cloud providers such that Google, Amazon….etc. Number of users used the cloud platform to store their data, so that storage security is very important. Lack of security is the one of the major issue in the cloud environment. Resources are delivered to the client through the internet from the third party provider. Using third party to avoid the unauthorized access to store the data on cloud. In this paper we discuss what are the security problems and risks in the cloud, which helps to better security from the cloud environment.



Cloud Platform, Cloud Provider, Data Centers, Resources, Security Issues

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