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Android Programming: Remote Access to Customer Information for Cable Operators

Sudhanshu Jiteshkumar Vora, N. Showme, Sai Kishore Gorege, S.T.S. Subhash Krishna


Cable operators have collection agents to collect the money from their customers. It is found that the collection agents cheat in the process. They do not give the money collected to the cable operator. They also give connection to customer without informing the cable operator. We are providing a solution to this problem. We have made a database with all the customer information stored in it. This database will be accessed using an application on the android phone. The phone should have access to internet using 2G/3G data connection. Programming languages used in this project are Java, XML (Extended Markup Language), PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and SQL (Structured Query Language). The Java and XML are used in client side programming i.e. Android. The PHP and SQL are used in server side programming i.e. Database. The main concept of the project is to make customer information digital and remove discrepancies regarding the payment by customers. This application is developed for cable operators only. It can also be modified a little to suit the needs of newspaper agencies.


Android, Cable Operators, Database, Java, PHP, SQL, XML, 2G/3G.

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