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Implementing Automated End-to-End Testing in an Agile Environment

J.B. Rajkumar, Dr.K. Vivekanandan


In recent years, Enterprise applications are becoming more complex, heterogeneous and distributed. The real application business logic is no longer found only in the User Interface and the database as in the Client/Server, but now extend across multiple middle tiers and with different technologies. As the businesses are trying to become agile in order to respond quickly to changing business needs, the need of automated "End to End" testing becomes stronger. The End-to-End testing refers to the concept of testing at all point of access in an end-to-end solution. It combines functionality and performance testing at the component, service and system levels. In this paper we present a customized QTP (Quick Test Professional) framework for testing and validation of both functional and non-functional behavior of our web-based applications. This framework provides end-to-end testing of different layers (Presentation layer, Database layer and web service layer with other Business process). The main concept of this automation framework is to reduce the cost of manual testing and improve the effectiveness of end-to-end testing in Agile environment. In this paper, we described how we implemented Agile Automation in our complex project environment which has more than a hundred interfaces.


End-to-End Testing, Automated Test, Framework, Agile, Scrum, Web Services.

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