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Metrics of Reusable Packages for Enhancing the Blocks of Software Project Management

R. Kamalraj, A. Rajivkannan, R. Hemarani


Software Engineering activities are based on the plans produced by Software Project Management Team (SPM).  The SPM team has to consider the availability of resources and usage of resources for developing a software system to fulfill the customer requirements within the given project schedule. Here we proposed the Reusability based activities to improve the schedule preparation to reduce the stress on software development. That can lead the software project management team to lead the productivity in an effective and efficient manner. Reusability metrics are suggested in this paper to measure the level of package reusability. As per that resources can be allocated and used properly without having any disturbance to improve the features and quality of the product in successful manner. The effort required on activities of different Blocks of SPM may be reduced some amount when the reusability of existing patterns is playing a major role in upcoming new projects.


Change Management, Project Management, Quality Metrics, Risk Management, Software Testing

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