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A Survey on Basic JUnit Framework for Java Applications

A. Dharani, S. P. Rajamohana


Software testing plays an important role in the achievement of software quality and reliability. Testing process can start at initial phase of development and continue till the deployment phase. Testing the software module by module reduces the number of bugs released during the deployment. Unit testing is used to determine whether the source code is fit for use. The major goal of unit testing is to separate each part of the program and test that the individual modules are working correctly. It isolates the modules of testable software from the entire code and finds whether it behaves exactly as your expectation. It is proven that a large percentage of defects are identified during unit testing. It supports automation and reduces the difficulty of discovering errors contained in more complex parts of the application. It gives attention to each unit of the code. In unit testing, JUnit framework with GUI techniques plays a significant role in development of real time software. Since the bugs are found early, Junit testing helps reduce the cost of bug fixes. Because the cost of debugging at the deployment phase is higher than the cost at module building phase. It deals with multiple test cases so that various boundary conditions are checked for each module.


Alpha Testing, Assertion, Beta Testing, Depth First Order, Functional Test JUnit Framework Test Case and Test Suite, Test Class, Unit Testing, White Box Testing.

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