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Building Reusable Services – A framework Based Design Methodology

G. Shanmugasundaram, Dr.V. Prasanna Venkatesan


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is becoming an increasingly popular architectural style for many organizations due to promised agility and flexibility benefits. SOA provide more anticipates for reusable components. However the mechanism for achieving reusability of services is weakly understood at present and there is a fact that design of services for reuse is not a prime objective when implementing SOA. There are still many challenges for services to become a new paradigm to support reusability and also the quality of services. The objective of this paper is to point out the design level challenges in building reusable services and propose a Service Workshop (SERWO) Tool to overcome those challenging issues. The proposed tool is used to transform or change the existing service which does not possess reusability into reusable service. This SERWO Tool would use pattern(s) for developing reusable service. To get a better understanding of SERWO tool, we perform a case study on Flight Reservation System.


SOA, Reusable Services, Reusability Tool, Service Quality, and Service Design

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