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Compare the Performance of Controllers in Isolated and Non-Isolated DC to DC Converters for DC Motor

S.A. Elankurisil, Dr.S. S. Dash


The paper presents a comparison of closed loop control of Isolated and non-Isolated dc-dc converter is reduce size, space weight, there is no Isolation winding, less cost simple design to maintain a constant voltage is required for special drives. It is utilize in uninterruptable power supplies, battery charging and discharging in buck converter wide range of speed, travel, power space, aircraft and automobile. Neural controller in non-isolated is superior as compared to the fuzzy controller is superior as compared to the fuzzy controller in isolated dc-dc converter to compare the Isolated dc-dc converter. The operating principle, theoretical analysis and design guideline provided in this paper. The simulation and the experimental verification is presented. The constant voltage and reduce the Losses. To increase the Efficiency from86% to 92% with constant Frequency


Soft Switching, Microcontrollers, Bidirectional Dc-Dc Convertors, Non-Isolated DC-DC, Converters, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Neural Network Controller.

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