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Utilization of SPC and Control Charts to Software Development Processes

G. Vijaya, Dr. S. Arumugam


The application of Statistical Process Control (SPC) to software processes has been a challenging issue for softwareengineers and researchers. Although SPC is suggested for providing process control and achieving higher process maturity levels, there are very few resources that describe success stories and implementation details for applying SPC to specific metrics. In this research work, SPC is applied to software metrics and the results after applying SPC to the various processes of software is presented.Control charts, the most sophisticated tools of SPC, is used for the purpose of analysis. The difficulties in application of Statistical Process Control to a software organization are observed by using theexisting data of defect density, rework percentage, productivity and review performance metrics and relevant suggestio ns are provided for dealing with them 


Statistical Process Control, Control Charts, Control Metrics, Quality Management, Software Processes.

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