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Impact of Animation Movies on the Dietary Behavior of Youths

Roberto Caldell, Alessia De Rosa


In educational medium the 3D compute graphics animation created an effect through virtual speaking.  The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of animation movies on dietary behavior. According to the survey a total number of 254 school children students from government, government aided and matriculation schools in Coimbatore city with 127 students each in both intervention and control group. 3D animation movie was created with topics on importance of healthy eating, ill effects of high energy snacks, labeling, etc. Once in a week an animated movie was screened, in the period of 21 days a totally 3 movies were screened. Results: The identification to demonstrate that the participation of group showed a higher mean in knowledge, mean attitude and also in mean behavior after study. These statements conclude that the study of knowledge is more effective in government school than the other schools.


3D Animation Movies, Dietary Behaviour, Attitude, Intervention Group

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