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An Overview of Cloud Computing

N. Sowndarya, V. Umarani


Cloud computing is the delivery of computing service done through the internet. Cloud computing services are carried by a third party provider who owns the organization. Cloud computing is a new computational pattern that offers an innovative business model for organizations to agree IT services without blunt investment. Cloud computing moves the application software and database to the large data center where the data management and service may not fully trustworthy. Cloud computing does not need the original data for its check, and only two small messages need to be exchanged for each check. Both of these properties should be attractive to designer of remote storage schemes. As Peer-to- Peer technology has matured, a number of systems such as Oceanstore, Intermemory, Ivy, PAST, Starfish, FarSite have been built to utilize remote data storage. In this paper, we discuss about data storage and security issues of Cloud computing.



Cloud Computing, Services, Data Storage, Access Control.

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