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The Possibility of Combining Cubic Art and Natural Images to Create Innovative Designs of Clothing Supplement with Considering Engineering Side

Mabrouka Ibrahim Mohamed Ashiba, Nashaat Nasr Al-Rifai, Safinaz Mohamed El-Nabawy Mohamed Fawzy


In this paper, a new framework is proposed to create innovative designs for modern, innovative clothing in a distinctive artistic style. This proposed approach is based on merging the features of cubic art and natural images. By presenting a suggested group of those images to some specialized arbitrators from university professors to choose the most appropriate in terms of the required evaluation aspects, and using the experimental approach. For evaluation, the proposed designs of dress-up supplements inspired by cubic art and natural images processed using electronic design programs. These designs are also processed using appropriate form organizing principles, technical design, elements and foundations. Then, these designs are presented to each of the arbitrators of the universities, in order to evaluate them in terms of the required evaluation axes. After that processing of the results is created by using the appropriate statistical methods. The performance quality metrics for the suggested approach are average means, the correlation coefficient,             validity reliability scales and Two Way ANOVA Variation. Experiments results show that the proposed designs give superior quality metrics.

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