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QOS Routing in Ad Hoc Mobile Networks Using OLSR

L. Jagadeesh Naik, N. Ranga Swamy


Quality-of-service (QoS) routing in an Ad-Hoc network is difficult because the network topology may change constantly and available state information for routing is inherently imprecise. In the paper, we have to develop QoS versions of the OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing) protocol, which is a pro-active. Ad-Hoc routing protocol. We introduce heuristics that allow OLSR to find the maximum bandwidth path, show through simulation and proof that these heuristics do improve OLSR in the bandwidth QoS aspect; we also analyze the performance of the QoS routing protocols in Qualnet 5.0.2, observe the achievement obtained, and the cost paid. Our simulation results show that the QoS versions of the OLSR routing protocol do improve the available bandwidth of the routes computed, but the added cost. The additional overhead also has a negative impact on the network in End-to-End Delay and Packet Delivery Ratio, especially in the high speed movement scenarios.


OLSR, LSR, QoS, MANETs, QualNet 5.0.2.

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