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Wireless Sensor Network for Process Automation using ZigBee Protocol

S. L. Patil, Sachin Negi, U. M. Chaskar


The wireless sensor network is one of the most significant technologies in the 21st century. So far wireless networking has been focused on high-speed and long range applications. However, there are many wireless monitoring and control applications for industrial and home environments which require longer battery life, lower data rates and less complexity than those existing standards. As an open and global standard for wireless sensor network, ZigBee shows advantages on low-cost, low power consumption and self forming. The ZigBee standard has been developed by the ZigBee Alliance based upon the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. The paper deals with the experimental results related to star topology implementation of wireless sensing network for process automation.


Wireless Sensor Network, ZigBee, process automation, web page.

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