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Analysis and Simulation of Routing Protocols for Wireless Mesh Network

Sunil Kumar, O.P. Gupta


Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) comprise of mobile and static nodes which communicate wirelessly. WMNs have several unique features such as self organizing, self-configuring and self-healing and are being used in many applications such as metropolitan area networks and disaster and rescue operations etc. It is an exciting new technology that has applications in defense, metro-area Internet access, and disaster management. Routing in wireless mesh network is nontrivial due to highly dynamic nature of the nodes. In this paper, discussion and implementation of routing protocols in Wireless Mesh Network which enhances the reliability in the network. Routing protocols are GRP and TORA have been implemented using OPNET simulator. These protocols are highly scalable and can support thousands of nodes making it an ideal protocol for wireless mesh networks.


Mesh, GRP, TORA, Routing.

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