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Wormhole Detection Methods- A Survey

J. M. Lifna Prema, J. Immanuel John Raja, S. Sowmya


The dynamic and cooperative nature of ad hoc networks presents considerable challenges in securing and detecting attacks in these networks. A security attack, called the wormhole attack, has been introduced in the context of ad-hoc networks. During the attack, a malicious node captures packets from one location in the network, and tunnels them to another malicious node at a distant point. Wormhole nodes can grab the route from the source node to the destination node, then it drop, or sniff the packets. A wormhole attack poses various threats and it is difficult to prevent. Many techniques have been evolved to detect wormhole attack. This paper presents a survey of various techniques used to detect wormhole attacks. Based on the metrics like packet loss rate, Throughput and Detection rate a comparative study is also done.


Mobile Ad hoc Network; Wormhole Attack

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