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Wireless Sensor Node Deployment for Multi Hop Directional Network Using Fuzzy Selection Optimization Algorithm

K. Srihariakash, J. Malarvizhi, T. Kavitha, S. Hemalatha


In this paper, the problem of deploying heterogeneous mobile sensors over a target area is addressed. Traditional approaches to mobile sensor deployment are specifically designed for homogeneous networks.  Nevertheless, network and device homogeneity is an unrealistic assumption in most practical circumstances, and previous approaches fail when adopted in heterogeneous operative settings. For this reason, a generalization of the Voronoi-based approach which exploits the Laguerre geometry is introduced. The paper proves the appropriateness of the proposal to the optimization of heterogeneous networks. In addition, it demonstrates that it can be extended to deal with dynamically generated events or uneven energy depletion due to communications. Finally, by means of simulations, it shows that it provides a very stable sensor behavior, with fast and guaranteed termination and moderate energy consumption. It also shows that it performs better than its traditional counterpart and other methods based on virtual forces. In addition, this paper aims to identify optimal deployment locations of the given sensor nodes with a pre-specified sensing range, and to schedule them such that the network and coverage level.  This paper uses fuzzy selection optimization algorithm for sensor deployment problem followed by an effective for scheduling. In addition, fuzzy selection optimization algorithm is used to provide maximum network lifetime utilization. The comparative study shows that fuzzy selection optimization algorithm performs better than other optimization algorithm for sensor deployment problem. The proposed fuzzy logic was capable to reach the simulation value in all the experimented cases.


Sensor Network, Sensor Deployment, Voronoi Diagram, Fuzzy Selection Optimization, Optimization, Virtual Forces Algorithm.

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