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An Approach for Internet Connectivity for MANET

S. Sowmya, J. Immanuel John Raja, J.M. Lifna Prema


A prerequisite for a widespread and successful deployment of ad-hoc networking technology is its ability to provide easy access to the Internet. In this paper, we review the existing solutions to interconnect MANETs with the Internet, but find them lacking in robustness and flexibility. Many methods undergoes with the problem of indirection (i.e., a way to enforce routing through a certain gateway on the path toward a destination in the Internet) and gateway tracking. We analyze the above problems and suggest a solution that provides robust and flexible Internet connectivity. This paper overcomes the problem by using a forwarding strategy, tunneling and also provides dynamically adjusting service which improves MANET flexibility. Simulations show that, when used in combination with AODV routing, our solution provides up to 25% delivery ratio improvement.


AODV, MANET, Gateway, Tunneling

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