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WSN’s Leach Protocol: A Survey

Seerat Preet Kaur


Wireless sensor network (WSNs) is an active topic of research for researchers. Although this field has not been developed as fast as some have expected but intense researches continues. These WSNs are proposed for applications as discrete as military, business, and healthcare in hospitals. Beside these useful applications there is a major problem with WSN, which is to determine a most efficient protocol for conserving energy of power source. The sensor nodes have to work with their non-replenish able and limited energy resources. Energy efficiency is important factor for the designing of these sensor networks. The LEACH protocol remains a popular protocol for researching WSNs. It assumes that the network is subdivided into groups of nodes, called clusters. Each cluster contains a cluster head, which receives data from the other nodes, aggregates the data, and transmits to a base station. The LEACH protocol contains models for the energy used in receiving, transmitting, and aggregating data. The authors of specified parameter values for transmission energy expended by sensor nodes based on assumptions about their electronics and physical properties. In this paper analyses of the effect of different parametric values used in the LEACH protocol is done. Selection of parametric values is based on the varied physical properties of the networks developed and the introduction of new transceiver modules in the decade since the introduction of the LEACH protocol.



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